Beyond Business

No individual, organization or even country can thrive in isolation. If we are to grow and prosper, we believe it is imperative that we give of ourselves, share our wealth and enrich others' lives with our knowledge and skills.

With Panacor's inside-out approach, a nurturing, charitable approach most certainly begins at home and our own people come first. Only when a cup is full can it overflow and give to others. As an organization, social responsibility is an integral part of our culture and every employee gives of himself / herself beyond the call of duty, beyond pure business.

Whether it is teaching others skills that will help enhance their lives or simply conducting our daily lives in ways that exhibit concern for the world around us, every one at Panacor contributes.

It is the intention to nurture and the sharing, caring mindset that is critical: even what may seem like a small contribution has strong ripple effects into every one of our employees' homes and to their children towards making the earth a better place.

Smart Cities

New Smart Street Light technology has been designed to represent the culmination of several sophisticated technologies in a single "pole" unit.


Home monitoring systems to assure that kids got home just fine, light sockets that can be switched on and off by an iPhone, thermostats


The Internet of Things (IoT) is forging the digital economic era. IoT exists in a massive, sophisticated ecosystem that requires joint investment

Maintenance Contracts

Focus on your Core Business while our Experts Manage your Complex AV / Security Telecom and IT Environment.collaboration